Why pay a fortune for a site
manager on your project ?
This guide will give you the information you will need
to manage your self build with confidence.
What  is the aim of the book?
'Build Your Own House' is intended to give step by step,  easy to understand but
effective information on how to self-build in the same manner as professionals.

It is not intended as a technical publication, but to be used as a guide to enable
you to have the knowledge required to manage the construction of your own

My house building experiences have been extensive and include:-

  • Speculatively building single and multiple dwellings
  • Project Managing dwellings for private clients
  • Managing vast housing projects

I have site managed the construction of many dwellings and other structures across the
UK giving me a clear understanding of varying ground conditions and materials which
are sometimes unique to the locality. It would be impossible to write a book covering
every aspect of constructing a house, from the initial concept to moving in. It would also
be impossible to personally carry out the entire task yourself. So the aim has to be, how
can you best manage your own project?

There’s a fairly rigid procedure that needs to be followed. It would be foolhardy to
choose your bathroom tiles before you have had your plans approved for example. It is
important that your approach to overseeing your building project is based on an
understanding of the construction requirements as covered in this book, and some basic
common sense. The book is also written in the same sequence as you would build your
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